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I'm here because I'm opinionated and I'm arrogant enough to think you should have access to my opinion. I'm here because I'd like to hear your opinion, because I'm open minded enough to listen and perhaps change my own views. I'm here because I'm an aspiring writer who would like to take the word  "aspiring" out of my job description. I'm here because while Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites are wonderful tools I wanted a place of web real estate to call my own.

So now turning the tables, why are you here? I hope you're here because you'd like to hear what I have to say. I hope you're here long enough to enjoy what I write and invite others to come in and read as well.

Sometimes I'll make you laugh, sometimes I'll make you cry, I might piss you off from time to time but I can promise you one thing. I'll always make you think. Always...

Steve (NK Slider) Mona

  • Nam Knights of America MC
  • Hellfire Canyon Club
  • Heart 911
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