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Mostly I'm a contradiction. I'm a Republican who, in the era of Jesse James and Tiger Woods doesn't believe gay marriage is the end of civilization as we know it; or gay anything for that matter.

I'm straight but believe in equal rights for all.

I'm a retired cop who doesn't care if people smoke pot as long as they don't do it while driving and I don't believe that more gun laws will somehow keep guns out of the hands of criminals because they don't care about laws. I ran the NYPD Vandal Squad for over a decade but I believe that graffiti isn't the problem, it's where they put it that is.

I'm accepting of every race, religion, culture and creed but I think if a higher percentage of crime or terrorist acts are being committed by one group of people it makes little sense to frisk my grandmother; it's not racial profiling, it's smart policing.

I believe in freedom of speech but I think it should come with responsibility.

I'm a middle class guy who thinks over taxing the people who own businesses and therefore put people to work in this country isn't just stupid, it's criminal.

I believe that if you're not willing to stand behind our military you should stand in front of them.

I believe that anyone can succeed if they are willing to do the work.

I believe no one should be judged by how they look but by how they act.

I believe women have curves; I don't subscribe to Madison Avenue's portrait of beauty.

I'm a biker; I belong to a club; I wear colors and despite what you might think my brothers and I do more charity work in a year than most people do in a lifetime. I won't take my colors off to walk in your bar, my money is accepted in other places.

I believe if you don't love this country and all its flaws you should leave. 

Steve (NK Slider) Mona

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