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Our Laws, like them or not...

by Steve Mona on Mon, Apr 22 2013 2:20 PM

Lord knows I hate being in a position where I'm defending the Obama Administration but already the wolves are howling at the administrations decision not to treat the remaining Boston Marathon Bomber as an "enemy combatant." Like it or not folks he is a naturalized US citizen entitled to the protection of the laws of our country. And hopefully as well subject to the penalties of that law including the death penalty as he surely deserves it. No one was screaming "enemy combatant" after the arrests in the Oklahoma Bombing in 1995. Think about this people, do you want the government deciding which of us gets to be protected by the constitution and which of us don't? Because that's exactly what you're asking be done here. The public safety exception was used regarding Miranda, rightfully so, but at some point because he is a US citizen his constitutional rights MUST apply.

Because if we've gotten to the point of selecting which citizens get those protections and which don't the terrorists have already won...

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