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by Steve Mona on Fri, Apr 19 2013 9:56 AM


Such was a post on Facebook the other day by a very good friend of mine. We’re very close, she’s like a little sister, but our politics couldn’t be further apart; so much so that we usually refrain from any political discourse.

But the question or questions do need to be answered.

I watched as little of the coverage of the terrorist attack in Boston Monday as I could. Although thankfully in much smaller scope than 9-11 the images brought back painful memories I didn’t really want to relive. Of course being a retired member of the NYPD as well as an active member of both the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club and TH3 Fraternal Organization afforded me little respite as I first had to make sure my Boston brothers and sisters were okay and then had to deal with my friends checking to make sure that I was okay mentally. (For that I thank you all) I tried my best to ignore the coverage even accepting an invite from one of my club brothers to attend the Nets-Wizards game at the Barclay’s Center here in Brooklyn. The wisdom of attending a public sporting event called into question by my fiancé and with good reason. It was a bit surreal and I couldn’t actually focus much on the game especially with the suite we were in streaming FOX and CNN news.

So on to the answers, in no particular order.

Why? Because there are people in the world that hate us and our way of life and no amount of aid and nice words will ever change that.

Why? Because the very freedoms that make this the greatest country on the planet intimidate those who rule by fear and repression.

Why? Because instead of insisting that those who come to this country assimilate as millions of other immigrants have before them we have gutted our way of life to conform to theirs.

Why? Because as long as we pretend that making a healthy employable woman pay for her own contraception is a “war on women” while we ignore the killings, mutilations and rapes of women around the globe who only want the chances American women have for a safe and happy life we’re missing the point.                

Why? Because when the terrorists are Islamic extremists they are so utterly violent that the majority of Muslims remain silent or complicit in order to survive.

Why? Because four Americans were killed in Benghazi and we did nothing to prevent their deaths or bring to justice those who killed them. Instead we covered it up for an election.

Why? Because the media acts as a propaganda wing of the current US Administration covering only what the government deems reportable.

Why? Because when a respected reporter like Bob Woodward, a reporter that just about every current reporter alive went to journalism school wanting to be, calls out the White House for bullying him into killing a story those same reporters turn on him without a moment’s hesitation.

Why? Because we think disarming law abiding people will somehow protect us from criminals, terrorists and the violently mentally ill.

Why? Because we went around the world apologizing for things we needed to do to keep us safe and bring freedom to those oppressed.

Why indeed…

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