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Michael Bloomberg-King of New York

by Steve Mona on Fri, Nov 2 2012 10:23 AM

NYC Marathon: As his second term neared an end, his last because of term limits, Michael Bloomberg decided that no one could do his job better than he. He then embarked on a campaign to temporarily remove those limits and allow him a third term. The NYC Council, facing their own term mortality supported the Mayor, not because they agreed with him but because it gave them all an additional term. In undoing what voters in New York City decided years before a decent man named Bill Thompson found himself running against a well entrenched incumbent.

 Mr. Thompson nearly beat the Mayor in a close election but emboldened by his third term Mayor Michael Bloomberg became "Nanny Bloomberg" railing against such important things as 32 oz. sodas and salty food. Much like the thought that the overwhelming amount of NY'ers were wrong when they voted in term limits the Mayor has decided that on a whole host of things he knows better than the people of this city or at least that his thoughts and ideas are more important than theirs.

And so we come to the NYC Marathon. His Highness has decided that the show must go on despite the devastation all around. A majority of marathoners that are already here are most likely living in the safety of the cocoon of Upper Manhattan, an area relatively untouched by Hurricane Sandy. They don't realize the hubris involved in allowing desperately needed city resources to be diverted to the marathon for an entire weekend. The photo of two tractor-trailer sized electrical generators on the cover of today's New York Post that are being used to provide power for the marathon tents in Central Park didn't help that image. (Nor did the headline accompanying the photo, "Abuse of Power." Gotta love the NY Post) Several Facebook pages have cropped up, the most popular of these "Cancel the 2012 NYC Marathon" had over 25,000 "likes" this morning. Hopefully, common sense will prevail but given the history of this mayor, don't count on it.


Mayor Bloomberg endorses President Obama, most of us yawn. In one of the most calculated endorsements in political history NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for another term. Surprising? No, not really but interesting because of his reason and his timing. Bloomberg claims that President Obama is best suited to address climate change. Yes, really, that's what he said. The President who promised to "lower the rising seas" and has watched many of his green energy initiatives ride into the sunset of bankruptcy is best suited to ya know, "lower the rising seas" and initiate green energy policies. Funny if it wasn't so tragic. As for the timing Bloomberg's last minute endorsement carries little downside for him. It's too late to actively campaign for the President, especially with the devastation here in New York City and of course the NYC Marathon. Obama wins and Bloomberg is in favor with the administration, perhaps for the new idea of a "Secretary of Business?" Obama loses no one will really remember the last minute endorsement. In the midst of one of the mayor's hurricane press conferences the Washington Post's Kathleen Parker gleefully tweeted, " Forget Romney/Obama. I'm betting lots are thinking President Bloomberg this morning." Ummm, not if you live here Kathleen.

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